About Purple Rain Magic

Founded in 2012, Purple Rain Magic provides passion about the perfection of the unexplainable. The art of magic can be explored through the performance and presentations of Purple Rain’s president, magician Ryan B.

Ryan is a professionally trained magician having commenced his magic career in 2008 and recently completing ‘MegaMagic ‘ training in Calgary with Master Magician Brent, owner of the Vanishing Rabbit Magic Shop, Calgary’s magic headquarters for magicians of all levels.

Ryan practises the magic methods as outlined in the Tarbell’s anthology of magic, which is as important to magicians as a dictionary is to writers. Additionally, Ryan has studied magic in Las Vegas and will be attending the highly sought after “Levitation” workshop in the summer of 2014.

Hello! Just wanted to say thank you again, Ryan did a fantastic job the kids and adults were impressed and he was a great addition to the party. Thanks! Jenn

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